Training Schedules

Fall 2018

Updated Friday August 24, 2018 by NCHU Webmaster.

Cantera Training Information

1).  When does training start?  Training begins next week- starts on Monday August 27th.  There are 11 weeks set aside for training to cover make-ups and end date will be on or about November 9th.

2.)  When do you train? 

U6/U7-  Tuesday/ Thursday 


U8- Tuesday/Thursday. 

GU9:  Tuesday/Thursday 

BU9:  Monday/Wednesday 

GU10:  Monday/Wednesday

BU10:  Tuesday/ Thursday 

GU11:  Monday/Wednesday 

BU11:  Monday/ Wednesday

GU12:  Tuesday/Thursday

BU12:  Monday/Wednesday


3.)  Where is training?  Developmental training-  U6/U7 through U12 will be held at Northport Soccer park


4.)  Who is my trainer?  Cantera will utilize a "pool" training method and one trainer has been designated as the Age Group Leader (AGL).  The AGL will oversee the training needs of each age group as well as the trainer they have assigned to your specific team. 


Northport Youth Development Program Age Group Leaders 


      U6-U7 Boys/Girls: Mark Lugris - - 917-771-3165 

      U8 Boys: Jason Orban - - 631-902-9549 

      U9 Boys: Gene Haas - - 631-418-7845 

      U10 Boys: Mark Lugris - - 917-771-3165 

      U11 Boys: Billy Gialas - - 718-612-4171 

      U12 Boys: Jason Orban - - 631-902-9549 


      U8 Girls: James -Pyatsky - - 516-242-3470 

      U9 Girls: Matt Tennie - - 516-286-8281

      U10 Girls: Lisa Valencia - - 631-219-1207 

      U11 Girls: Billy Gialas - - 718-612-4171 

      U12 Girls: James -Pyatsky - - 516-242-3470 


Program Directors:

Mark Lugris - 917-771-3165

Alex Mendolia - 631-960-5470



5.)  How much is training?  Teams will be training two times a week.  As part of Fall registration fees one session a week covered (10 sessions).  The cost of the additional 10 sessions is $120/per player. Parents may make checks out to NCHU.


6.) When are training fees due?  The training fee of $120 per player is to be collected by Friday September 21, 2018 and then mail or drop off to our treasurer Fil Conte.


7.)  Will a trainer be at my game?  Cantera will do its best to cover the games you need covered.  It is possible that one may not be available to cover a game for you.  The cost for a trainer at a match is $100 per home match and $125 per away match.  This fee will not be collected by NCHU.  You will pay the trainer directly.  Coaches will be provided a game coverage sheets to track trainer presence at games.


8.)  What happens if a session is cancelled?  We know weather can be problematic and there are several holidays that fall during our training days.  We will not train on Labor Day or Columbus Day.  We intend to train on days there is no school.  Changes to that will be communicated.  We have implemented a new tracking and invoice system to make sure credits are given for unused training.