Individual Training

UpdatedSaturday May 9, 2020 byNCHU Webmaster.

NCHU and Cantera hope you and your families are well and staying healthy. As we all wait for this global crisis to abate we encourage all of our players (and parents too) to use the indivdual training programs below which have been designed to help everyone stay fit, sharpen their technical skills and most of all have some fun. 

In addition, feel free to check out the Cantera Monthly Newsletter and our NCHU Facebook page for more ideas and inspiration!

A note from NCHU Vice President, Jen Gallagher..."I personally have enjoyed posting all the successes of our players these past few days on our Facebook page. I am trying to keep it creative. Please keep sending clips of your players working on their individual training programs and I am happy to post.  Players may come up with their own challenges as well!  But this week were are going to have a club wide juggling contest and feature them on our Facebook page!  I know some teams and trainers have started this on their own so send those videos so we can see what the kids can do!  Please provide players first name, team and number of completed juggles- send clip or photo to my email

We are also going to roll out "Spotlight Sunday" which will feature "team" videos- so encourage your players to work together and create a clip!  I am happy to compile a team video for you if you send me videos (just remember to tell me team name) during the week!  First team video is going up in a few minutes!"

Cantera Futbol At Home Soccer Training Video

Cantera Individual Training - Goal Keeping.docx
Cantera Individual Training U13+.pdf
Cantera Individual Training Youth Program 3-16-20 to 3-22-20.pdf
Cantera Optional Individual Training Document 3-29-20.pptx