AED Locations

UpdatedFriday December 7, 2018 byStan Ko.

Bellerose:   There are 2 AED’s in Bellerose Ave School.  In the building, they are located:

1.      Down the hall from the main OFFICE outside rm 12.

2.      Third grade hallway-outside rm 16.

To get to the AED’s from the MAIN ENTRANCE:

1. Go up the main stairs and through the double doors. Make a right, go down the hallway and the AED is on the right side-outside room 12.

2. Upon entering the building, make a right and go to the end of the hall. Make a left and go up the stairs to the next level. Go through the double doors and the AED is on the right side, outside room 16.

Dickinson: has one AED in the main entrance hallway and one in the gym.

5th Ave: One is in the nursing office as part of a emergency bag. The bag in on the left hand side when you walk in the office.

One is in the main hallway next to the main office. 

One in the hallway outside the main office and one in the nurses office.

Norwood: AED is located in the main hallway outside the nurses office.

Ocean:  Two AED's. One on the main floor and one on the second floor. The main floor AED is centrally located directly across from the door that goes into the office mailbox hallway, the nearest classroom is room 102. This AED is set into the wall that is made of bricks. A sign hangs above it. The upstairs AED in centrally located at the T where the upstairs hallways meet. It also has a sign above it.

Pulaski: An AED in the main hall just passed the office. The 2nd one is located across from the gym.

ENMS:  3 AEDs at ENMS.  

#1-outside Nurse's office

#2- outside Room #114

#3- upstairs outside Room #213

NMS: has 4 AED’s:

AED in G wing.. N wing.. and in hall by greeter.

The gym has an AED also

High School: 7 AED's throughout the building:

Outside the Health Office

A-wing by the band room

Mezzanine by main office

lower H wing

Upper K wing

lower S wing

upper L wing

WJB: has two AEDs in the building:

1.      1st floor directly across from Community Services (Room A101)

2.      2nd floor lobby