Player Fundraising

UpdatedSaturday April 27, 2019 byNCHU Webmaster.

The NCHU Board of Directors feels very strongly about each and every child being able to participate in the great sport of Soccer without being hindered by financial constraints. Therefore, NCHU has rolled out a new program to allow each and every player an opportunity to fund raise for their Soccer related financial needs in a very simple and easy format. Each year NCHU hosts the Columbus weekend soccer tournament, a tournament which is the biggest fundraiser for the NCHU Club. The proceeds from this tournament help to cover NCHU Soccer Park field maintenance, scholarship needs and help defer general overhead costs to keep player registration fees at a minimum.

In prior years NCHU has sold raffle tickets and journal ads in conjunction with the tournament with all proceeds going directly to the NCHU club. This year, players will be able to sell raffle tickets and journal ads and the proceeds as outlined will go directly to the players account within NCHU and NCHU will then manage and release the funds back to the player to pay for Soccer related expenses such as registration, training, uniforms, gear etc.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Player sells raffle tickets. The first $100 of raffle sales goes directly to NCHU. All raffle ticket sales over $100 goes directly to the players account.
  • Player sells adverting. The first $100 of ad sales goes directly to NCHU.  All sales over $100 are split 75% to the player and 25%* to NCHU. Ad sales include web banner ads, journal ads and on-field signage. - 
  • Click here for Advertising Form.  
  • There is no limit on the raffle ticket or journal ad sales amounts.


  • All monies collected are to be submitted to NCHU. Players cannot retain monies collected. Checks made payable to NCHU.
  • Raffle and journal ad sales can NOT be combined with other players or team raffle / journal ad sales. This is an individual player opportunity.
  • A request form to the NCHU treasurer is submitted with a brief detail requesting funds and within a week the funds will be released to the player.
  • Player accounts do not earn interest.
  • Players leaving the club for any reason forfeit their account to NCHU.
  • Player accounts are NOT transferable.
  • Player accounts cannot be pooled between family members.
  • Raffles and journal ads need to submitted to NCHU by the approved deadline date.
  • Unsold raffle books MUST be returned to NCHU.


Families can be reimbursed for the funds by submitting a soccer related receipts to:
P.O. Box 7
Northport, NY 11768
Team head coach can request funds to be placed within the team accounts; however, only up to the amount that is contributed by other players on the team.


The NCHU Board is extremely excited to provide this service to our members. This initiative is an effort to financially assist the players of NCHU. It is a huge undertaking and much additional back office work by the NCHU Board in order to provide this service. Any misuse of funds or failure to comply with the guidelines (current or future) as set forth by the NCHU board, will be grounds for account forfeiture and or disciplinary action.

We look forward to making your Soccer experience at NCHU the best it can be!