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Every training session is typically divided into 4 components: technical, possession, pattern play/pattern play to goal and small sided games. Each technical exercise focuses on ball control/mastery, passing, receiving and finishing.

As coaches we teach the players the importance of controlling the ball with the 4 main surfaces of the feet, which include: inside, outside, laces and sole (bottom). Our technical drills require the players to experiment with the ball by ensuring they use each of the surfaces. This will help them in games to beat the opponent (1v1), connect/make passes, change direction and shoot accurately. At times, we will include colored cones (EX. red, blue & yellow), where we encourage the player to lift their head up and call out the color. This will challenge the player to multi-task and avoid collision, while keeping the ball under control.

As for passing/receiving, we encourage the players to use the inside (side foot) to control and pass. This is to build their strength/balance in the pass, while allowing them to make a more accurate pass. In comparing the toe and inside (for passing or shooting), the inside has more surface area to pass, which minimizes error of the pass or shot over time. As we advance, distance shots are taught with the laces. While receiving, we teach the players to open their bodies to receive with their back foot (foot farthest from the ball), which is across their body. This allows the player, once the ball is controlled with the inside, to see the whole field with a 180° field of view. With a larger field of view, the players can make quicker decisions, react and play quicker.

We appreciate your support and your positive encouragement to the players is greatly appreciated!


Alex Mendolia & Mark Lugris

Founders - Cantera Fútbol USA