Northport Cow Harbor United Soccer Club Quick Guide To COVID Rules

A guide for coaches

UpdatedWednesday September 23, 2020 byNCHU Webmaster.

Below is a guide for NCHU coaches to follow and share with visiting coaches prior to playing at Soccer Park or Vets Park. You can also use this as a guide when playing away games where there is no clear safety guidance provided by the opposing coach. 

General Info

1. If a player, coach or parent does not feel well, they should stay home

2. Recommended - 1 spectator per player, maximum 2 per NY State guidelines

3. All players, parents and coaches must wear a face covering from the moment they exit their vehicle

4. Spectators and coaches are to wear face covering throughout the game

5. Spectators to follow distancing guidelines per NY State

6. Coaches and players will be on the same sideline as their spectators and social distanced

7. All players, coaches and referees to wear face covering at check in

  • Players line up 10 feet from ref
  • Coach hands 2 copies of roster and fees to referee. Fees should be in a sealed envelope…one envelope for each referee if a 3 person system. There will be no parent volunteer for sidelines of younger age groups
  • Coach will hold the passes and show the ref as each player steps forward
  • No coin toss
  • Make sure you obtain the roster from your opponent and keep it in case we need to do contact tracing!!

8. Players on sidelines (not playing) must maintain social distance from each other and wear masks when not playing.

10. No high fives, chest bumps, etc.

11. No post game handshakes

12. No after game coaches talk…send the players home after the game. Leave field immediately for next group to enter field of play…clean up after yourselves…no empty water bottles, used masks, etc. to be left for the next team.

13. No pets (e.g. dogs) are allowed at Soccer Park.

If you are in doubt that the other team is following the LIJSL or NY Club safety protocols, do what you have to in order to protect yourself and your team and report it to the board!! Non-compliance by players, coaches or spectators could result in a forfeit and fine for your team

Lets work together to keep us playing!!!!!!!!!!