Scholarship Application

Updated Monday November 12, 2018 by NCHU Webmaster.

The Northport Cow Harbor United Soccer Club recognizes that some families may not be able to afford the cost of registration fees due to limited income. The Club has established a Scholarship Fund for the purpose of helping to pay registration fees for those in need of such assistance.

Scholarships are awarded based upon demonstrated need. Financial need will be the only determinant in receiving a scholarship. Families are responsible for paying any uniform, club, coaching or team expenses not covered by the scholarship. Parents and Players receiving scholarship funds are strongly encouraged to volunteer their time back to the club to help out their team or at club events.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Proof of annual household income is required by attaching one of the following:

* A copy of your most recent Federal 1040 Tax Form and/or an eligibility letter stating benefits/aid from any other governmental programs.

2. Scholarship funds are limited and, therefore, eligibility does not guarantee any dollar amount of funding or even funding itself.

3. The executive leadership of the board (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) is responsible for allocating funds in a fair and balanced way.

To apply, download, complete and submit the attached form to

Scholarship Assistance Application Form (1).docx